Dallas, TX – May 14th, 2024 – Etira is pleased to announce the submission of the regulatory

documents for approval of administration of its breakthrough oncology drug ERX-315 to the

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) in Australia. This submission marks a significant

milestone for EtiraRx and approval by HREC will enable the start of phase 1 clinical trials to

evaluate the safety and efficacy of ERX-315.


ERX-315 is designed to target specific pathways that are critical for cancer cell survival and

proliferation. This targeted approach helps to spare healthy cells, potentially reducing side effects

commonly associated with cancer therapies.


“The submission of ERX-315 to the HREC is a pivotal step forward in bringing this

groundbreaking treatment to patients who need it most,” said Russell Hayward, CEO of

Etira. “This submission to the HREC is built on a significant amount of preclinical work, with

state-of-the art formulation approaches and thoughtful clinical trial design and we are grateful to

the entire team for their focus, dedication and perseverance.”


Etira will provide updates on the continued progress of ERX-315 as it moves through the

regulatory procedures and starts clinical trials. This trial will involve multiple research centers

across Australia and will enroll participants with metastatic breast, liver, endometrial, pancreatic

and ovarian cancers.